CSA 2010 “Death Sentence or Pot of Gold?”

Throw out everything you’re hearing from the self appointed professional speculators because that’s exactly what’s flooded our media channels and inboxes. Speculation. Assumption. Opinion. FACT: Whether you like, love it, hate it, don’t understand it, don’t want to understand it or plan on putting your head in the sand, CSA 2010 is here; in a BIG way. In a Good Way.

Before: What You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know.
NOW: What You Don’t Know, Will Hurt You and May Kill Your Business.
One thing hasn’t changed. You are still responsible and held accountable for your company. Has this ever been a bad thing? Do we really need reminded?
There are (2) types of business owners, those “reactive” and those “pro-active”.
The businesses clutching desperately onto what they have left, waiting to see “how this thing fairs out”, are already dead. They just don’t realize it, yet.  There’s “speculation” on horrific and terrifying statistics, such as how many people will be adversely affected, further job losses in an already shorthanded field. (etc.)
To some, CSA 2010 is a Blessing in Disguise. It’s the New Paradigm for The New Trucker. The old way of doing business and perceptions of safety being plagued by “big brother” are now grossly overshadowed with a bright, fresh, new systematized way of doing things the way they should have, and always have been (by some), done. This “new way” garners Efficiency, Accountability and Performance. It’s straight forward and results driven.
Ethical, hard working, quality driven businesses should find comfort in CSA 2010. The focus, if clarity has been attained, is, without doubt, “Pro-Active Implementation and Profitability”. To ignore CSA 2010’s opportunity for profitability is naïve and businesses WILL suffer. This will also make more room for rapid growth among a percentage of savvy, growth hungry and “pro-active” company owners.

So what’s the good news?
It’s as Easy as 1,2,3.
Even though there are a plethora of resources out there, who realistically has time to sit in on another webinar or teleseminar? Times waits for no one. We’re trying to navigate through rough waters and the coast guard wants to talk. Right.  These are ok resources, most of which regurgitate what the feds have already put out there for the taking. And, it should be noted, they did a pretty damn good job at it, which is making it difficult for all those “copy and paste” happy folks out there that want to turn lemons into lemonade and cram the full version back down your throat.
So, here’s your options to getting an edge on the competition and not viewing CSA as another “compliance woe is me”, rather a new, and time deserving business strategy, that when implemented efficiently and rapidly, will not only produce enhanced levels of safety, but without a doubt, rapid profitability in multiple streams of direly needed revenue.

“Step-by-Step to ProACTIVE Implementation & Profitability”

1. Update Your MCS-150 Form
2. Check Your Inspections & Crash Reports at http://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov
3. Visit the Official CSA 2010 website at http://csa2010.fmcsa.dot.gov
1. Be Pro-Active in analyzing (consistently) all 3 steps above.
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