Predictably Irrational…

Since my last blog, I took my own advice and went hunting, both figuratively, and literally. I bagged a deer, couple of pheasants, a quail, missed a duck and two geese and picked up some new customers. Also launched and started receiving registrations for The Trucking InfoSummit 2010.

In that time, Thanksgiving also rolled around, and I also lost a very close cousin (Jason) who was at the ripe age of 33 with 4 kids. It’s a profound thing when we allow business (work) to consume our lives to the extent that when we lose an important part of our life, everything comes to a screeching halt and we put things into an entirely different perspective, dramatically different, and very quickly. It’s then I realized, how many of us really live like this, with this perspective, all of the time? This mindset that is so laser-beam focused, it see’s no failure. Not everyone experiences it. I wish they would but then we would have no critics. They would call it “hype” or being “irrational”. I’m sure they’re right. They seem to be most of the time.

If you put what’s important first, really first, then work backwards, completely immune to criticism, speed limits, and defying status quo, working like your life completely depended on it; if you did this all the time, to the majority, you’d be “predictably irrational”. I’ve learned to garner this term. It should be posted above a doorway, something you can slap on the way out, just like Rudy did. “Whatever it takes”.

Here’s a tip. Surround yourself with reminders of what you’re working for. It sounds simple, but I bet I’ve just stumped quite a few folks. Don’t worry, no one is looking over your shoulder or lurking in on your thoughts. Be real with yourself. What are you really working for? Is it family? Is it a spouse? Is it for your kids and/or grandkids? Put those images around you, remind yourself not to be distracted from why you’re doing what you’re doing. Time waits for no one. And when we’re gone, we’re gone. Nothing profound about that, eh?>

Be irrational. What the hell is wrong with that? Since when is it cool to be another average company (victim) complaining about some aching economy. Now that’s it completely tanked, it’s looked upon “distastefully” to nipping on the heels of success or defying status quo. There’s a lot of professional spectators out there today with professional speculations. You roll with the majority, and you’ll roll with the majority’s results Expectations have plummeted. Opportunity prevails.

Don’t underestimate the power that other people’s thoughts and actions have over you. If you’re surrounded by 5 negative people, chances are, you’re going to be #6. They influence you in many ways. If you find yourself following the herd, or having a difficult time making intentional decisions, maybe it’s time to find new friends, join new groups, and spend more time working on what YOU really want – not what others around you want you to want. Be a kid. It’s cool.

If something smells like crap, it usually is.