It’s Hunting Season…

As we’re reluctantly racing into another (grueling for many) Holiday Season, which year after year, has an uncanny way of weeding out the sickest and most desperate businesses; something additionally profound takes place.  In the midst of dodging the gools and goblins that October graciously brings, for those that skirted through unscathed, brings upon the frightful post era of incoherent turkey day feasting followed by a fresh and hearty “New Year!”; for more than none, another year of the same, or for more this year than ever, much, much less.  Err, that’s bleak.  No, it’s true and real.  Always has been and always will be.  This disturbingly represents a significant percentage of our industry (“industry” is a scandalous scapegoat for personal failure).  What’s more disheartening is that it’s by choice, not circumstance; because it’s about the results, not the objective.  Many people are offended by this truism.  It’s cyclic.  It’s a good thing.

Out of the chaos and noise, far from the big city, in a land far, far, away is a lurking and elusive creature that draws about 80% of us “close” to its secret hiding place; about 15% do “OK” and 5% of us really, truly find it.  Not by happenstance as the 20% that never went might say.  We all come for different reasons and motives.  And, we all bring a different weapon of choice.  The hunt can be strategically planned out, through thoughtful planning and implementation; or it can be a “sit and wait”, “let’s see what happens” session.  Strategic Hunters, those that continually invest in themselves, use the best equipment, latest tactics, and find (intentionally and deliberately) the Right Spot, without fail, win BIG every time, without fail.

Profitability (prosperity) in the trucking “industry” is an elusive creature.  It’s the Ultimate Big Game Hunt.  All hunters yearn for the trophy on the wall and cash flow that will crush any competitor and allow for investment in fulfilling lives and memories.  What do the successful hunters have in common?  A lot of hunters have great weapons, might even have great strategies, and may even be lucky enough to “get close” to The Spot; but they just don’t make it.  They don’t have laser beam focus, speed to action, persistent patience and unassailable determination.

They also have bigger TV’s than they do libraries.

Equity is in the relationship.  Investment in knowledge creates sustainability.  Taking a different road in, with someone “mastering” the hunt vs. “dabbling”, defying the status quo may be a risk (not for the entrepreneurial spirited); albeit calculated, tactful, and more rewarding, more frequently, than any other way.


Happy Hunting.