Seriously, WTF?

So I’ve been burning the midnight oil on the road now for about 4 weeks, from San Diego to Baltimore and a whole lot of places in- between, consulting, coaching and mostly spending productive (exhausting) time with Mastermind Groups.  I had the great opportunity to meet with Two Time World Champion George Foreman last week (note my left uppercut), who is not only a champion fighter, but what most don’t know, one seriously bad ass entrepreneur that won’t back down from anything he believes  will help someone in a very good way; against all odds.  He hit my note and the timing was impeccable.  I’ve been working diligently on (fighting for) an idea I’ve had for awhile now, that my clients, colleagues, followers, friends and ambassadors have been begging for.  What was stopping me?  Me.

Johnny and George Foreman

George said “Where’s The Fighter”?  More than ever, we all need to ask ourselves this. Escalating fuel prices, insurance costs, flat rates (at best), zombie employees, and a whole lot of fatigue have got a lot of folks licking wounds in bed with no motivation or direction that seems will really let a shimmer of light in.  George is a testament to stopping, taking two steps back, gaining clarity and then stepping back in furiously, with fire in your belly, swinging with everything you got, and a little more, with no other thought than your gonna win this damn thing.

I’m pumped.  I’m launching.

While waiting for my return flight, a curious new acquaintance, who so coincidentally is working for a large southern based fleet asked me, “Where’s The Freight”?

Seriously, WTF?