How to Please Your Drivers & Spouse at THE SAME TIME

In this blog I promised to “jam some gears” a bit and unveil a strategy for “How to Please Your Drivers and Spouse at The Same Time”. My ultimate goal with this blog is to make you happier this week than you were last week by giving you something to think about while you’re indulging yourself (or painfully beating yourself up) over “Labor Day”.

As you’re spending time with family and friends during this “laboriously free day”, reflecting on the last tumultuous 8 months, wondering what’s to come in the next 4, consider this: we have 2 choices to make each morning as we awake which, for the most part, dictate how we act (or react) to those around us. For most, that’s family first, then office staff, drivers, customers, and the lucky little devils we just happen to “run into” throughout the day.

Whether you put a smile on your mug and decide to kick some serious tail is up to you and no one else. We’ve heard it all, from being “proactive” vs. “reactive”, etc. But I would urge some discretion as we move into the tail end of 2009.

Leave work AT work. Work SMARTER not harder. Putting in more hours will not only run YOU down, but it will run everyone down. If you have to, schedule family time without them feeling it was “scheduled”. If you’re truly spending your time working ON your business, what I’m about to tell you won’t come as a shock. Take out a pencil and write this down: WORK BACKWARDS

Instead of thinking and working painstakingly on time-management, as cliché as that sounds, focus on outsourcing and personal time – time you invest in yourself, your family, and your people. Do not let them persuade you in any way when it comes to your focus ON the business. This will be extremely hard for many folks to step back from the business and actually spend MORE time on themselves, enjoying life, considering the economy and possibly their businesses vitals. Trust me, it works. And here’s why…

Leaving fear at the door, and the idea that “only you” are capable of handling certain responsibilities, will teach you very quickly that these are huge barriers to you unleashing your true potential. By working backwards, you are truly liberated. You’ve given yourself permission to start living and enjoying the life you thought you had a year or two ago; or better yet, the life you envisioned for yourself. The reality is most people will never get there. What a cruel thing it is to dream about it – but never achieve it. Start living life now. Once you quit talking about that vacation and just book it, you begin moving in the direction of taking massive action. Delegate your responsibilities, outsource what’s feasible, focus on personal time and you’ll soon find yourself working ON your business from 30,000 feet instead of at ground level.

Oh, and one more thing. You’re going to see a different look on your spouse’s AND drivers’ faces when you put that Blackberry down and have a good old fashioned chat.

Two quick suggestions before I leave you to indulge. The first, grab a copy of “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris (you’ll need this on vacation), and two, book the vacation.