How to not be “The JERK” at your next party…

In this blog, I’ll be delving further into the infinite benefits of “viral social media”, how to easily and efficiently “connect the dots between the most important social media platforms” and how to use these techniques to capitalize on the insanely vast amount of marketing opportunities “up for grabs” in our trucking industry today.

First, let me say that I’ve come to the conclusion that apparently, common sense is not that common. We tend to make things A LOT harder on ourselves than they need to be. We worry (first) about “how can I do this”, “how will I have time to do this”, “is this new stuff really worth the time investment”…blah, blah, blah. This industry is still vintage in many facets. Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s literally putting companies out of business overnight. It’s worth sitting up and giving one ear to this if you’ve been skeptical of social media. Your business could eventually depend on “out of the box” strategies that differentiate it from the competition. And if it doesn’t depend on it just yet, it’s like any new business strategy, it’s REQUIRED, regardless of economic conditions.

There is an ever-present aura of fear in business today and what I have learned is that there is zero profit in fear. In order to successfully envision, take action and produce quantifiable results (i.e. boost net profits); the mind has to be conditioned to think “fearlessly”. There cannot be any question about “possibility”. Do you recall my SPEED + ACTION post? Don’t be an “over thinker”. I was just as guilty but I am learning (fast), trying and applying. Testing, testing and more testing. I have received great feedback and direct questions from my previous blog entries which led me to this philosophical “right brain” blog introduction; frankly, YOU need to get YOUR head in the game and “find the zone” as quickly as you can; and, get that head trash out that is preventing you from laser-beam focus. Don’t wait. Harness the opportunities before they’re gone.

Try to think of “social media” in the context of “social”, meaning FRIENDS (i.e. relationships). How many parties (work or personal) have you attended in the last couple of months, where someone comes up and starts talking to you immediately about what they do (essentially hard selling) with the distinct gut rotting feeling they are trying to SELL directly to YOU? If you’re like me, this pisses you off, right?

What you really prefer when you meet someone is to learn HOW they know who YOU know, who THEY are, and make friendly, fun, relaxing, and sometimes if you’re lucky, intellectual conversation. It’s not about “prospecting”. Skepticism is at an all time high. Besides, you know at some point, when you’re standing over by the grill, having a cold beer, someone is inevitably going to ask “Hey, what do you do?”

Now it’s OK to tell them “what you do”, but be brief. If they’re interested, they might ask you for a business card, email address, or phone number. Now you have a warm lead or valuable connection, with a relationship established…and you weren’t an a$$hole either! They KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. The big lesson here is, don’t stop “creating valuable relationships”. They’re the bridge to future opportunities and profit.

In my next blog I’m going to go into more detail on how you can start leveraging three social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.