How To Create a FREE and Profit Generating Blog in Less Than 5 Minutes

In this blog I’m going to share some “insider secrets” on ways you can start leveraging your own “BLOG” as a way to create market differentiation between yourself and your competitors. Take notes. This is FREE and powerful stuff, that if done right, will pay off BIG.

The blog is probably the biggest thing to hit the online world since the birth of search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.) but enough about ancient history. A blog is basically a website with a couple differences. The first and biggest difference is that you have the ability to instantly add or delete information. It’s as basic as having a pencil and piece of paper (with eraser). You need NO experience. The second difference is that you can “feed” your blog to other sites, so those sites will automatically be updated with your new information (i.e. your own website, affiliate, sister company, etc.); through RSS feeds (Real Simple Syndication). This is nothing you need to learn, it will do everything for you. Think K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. And lastly, your blog allows YOU to communicate with YOUR readers (i.e. prospects, employees, drivers, dispatchers, Safety Director, etc.) by allowing them to post their own comments on your blog (if you choose to allow this).

Remember, YOU don’t have to write your blog. Just understand how it works, implement the idea, and delegate it. Let others blog as well. You can also use a digital recorder (I prefer the Olympus DS-40) to record your thoughts and have it dictated; or, use voice recognition software (Dragon) that dictates it for you. Are you running out of excuses yet? If you made it this far, you can do it. All the naïve ones quit reading after the first paragraph.

Starting a blog is as easy as getting a US DOT number. It’s THAT easy. There are no excuses today with the likes of Typepad, Blogger (easy to use), and WordPress (the latter I prefer; slightly more advanced capabilities but still user friendly). Because anyone can START a blog, it’s that much more important to put in a real, genuine and consistent effort (remember, some of this CAN be outsourced). The immediate benefits of a well laid out blog with fresh content (HINT: fresh, i.e. once per week) include increased traffic to your website, improved sales through increased SEO (search engine optimization) that you can’t get easily to your website through Google, new audiences and niches (think freight and traffic lane diversification), links to other blogs, Facebook (Business Fan Page), Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn (more on these later).

You can set your blog up in less than 5 minutes by doing two things:

First, establish the reason for creating your blog. Remember, you CAN create more than just one (i.e. separate blogs for separate departments {safety, HR, dispatch, operations, maintenance} which could be used internally or be open to the public). There’s value in having multiple blogs for increased exposure, SEO; and again, NO charge.

• Are you trying to drive sales traffic to your existing website?
• Is the blog going to be used for customer service, dispatching, safety training, or HR?

Next step, decide which blogging service you prefer to use. I would prefer one of the three I mentioned above. Decide. BAM! Congrats, you’re done creating your first blog.

There is a lot more to blogging, and I could talk for hours as I do with my Mastermind Trucking Groups, but keep it basic right now. Just take action and implement it. Don’t wait, or you know you won’t get to it. Will you?

Here’s My 5 Secret Strategies to Ensure Your First Trucking Blog Remains Successful:

1. Keep it fresh. Don’t start a blog unless you can devote a little time to it each week. It doesn’t have to be more than 20 minutes per week. If you don’t have that, you probably have 20 minutes in your vehicle while singing to yourself, to record some random musings (fun to listen to later), and either download or have your assistant, spouse, kid, etc. type them up for you. HINT: If you’re messing around with it, be careful who you have type it up for you.

2. Exploit and promote yourself. Why wouldn’t you? Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Put it OFFLINE as well as online; in magazines, publications, marketing materials, newsletters, business cards, paycheck stuffers, anniversary cards (well), etc. For more advanced users, but still very basic, “ping” your blog through “pingomatic”, promote through technorati, blogwise, and OR, (get ready, this is an innovative idea) have someone else do it FOR you!

3. Connect with people. The blog is very “human”; much more so than your website and allows you to communicate and connect with people where your site will not. It’s a place to meet people, converse, become friends and colleagues, venture in partnerships, and most importantly, to build trust and integrity. Make it a place that people WANT to come to. A place where they can get good, valuable information that they can immediately put to use in their business.

4. If being you means being controversial, then for goodness sake, jump in with both feet. Being normal is being boring. Differentiate yourself and challenge the systems, industry norms and opinions. It’s YOUR blog, be yourself. Business today can be REAL “stuffy”. Who wants to be around “stuffy”? Leave something on the table.

5. Make sure your content is GOOD and relevant to your target audience. You’re not going to please everyone and you don’t need to. Provide valuable information, links to other sites and resources and the good ones will keep coming back. To keep traffic up, it can’t just be a relative topic, it must be valuable, informative, ready to use, and yes, even controversial at times (of course within reason).

In my next blog, I’ll be delving further into the infinite benefits of “viral social media”, how to easily and efficiently “connect the dots between the most important social media platforms” and how to use these techniques to capitalize on the insanely vast amount of marketing opportunities “up for grabs” in our trucking industry today.