Why Some Insurance Carriers “Don’t Get IT”

Longevity in a “niche” has (recently) developed a (apparently) distorted perception of Trust and Integrity (and the 998 other reasons why a Successful Relationship REALLY works). Did I forget Experience? That wasn’t on the “menu”. Two missing ingredients in today’s “corporate business model”; I use that term loosely (very loosely). There are a new breed of “underwriters” seemingly clawing and scratching at what’s perceived to be “innovating new ways of writing profitable business”. Reality, Surprisingly and Shockingly arrive…”What You Don’t Know…Well, You Don’t Know”. The Boomers are looking to “hang around” for awhile to replenish the 401K’s and turn this Fear and Desperation, into “aspiration”; because Success to Significance is The Million Dollar Pill. Leaving the game on a good note is important too; I surmise. The Board Room isn’t so much as interesting without Ivanka. The “model” is more driven by expense “slashing”…aka “cutting your own throat”. Thinking of New Markets is another distorted perception. Too obvious to be true. Maintaining Status Quo is The Goal. Client Values is an official “Has Been”. The “short term” successful (by own definition) one’s are “charging back”…(clients paying their own tab). Systems, Processes and Self-Coined Terminology to Replace Good Old Fashioned Results with Real Knowledgeable Breathing Flesh and Blood People. Thank The Last “recession” for The Last of the Real Cowboys. When Will You Ride Back Into Town? Someone please pinch me…


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